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Our Team

From our director

Tourism and peace could be synonymous, as peace is a beautiful expression of language. Therefore, we invite you to discover, explore, and experience Costa Rica.

Life is a journey filled with incredible adventures. It’s our turn to embrace it.

Aida Chaves


Today, we travel for all kinds of reasons: to visit beautiful beaches with warm waters, rivers with thermal springs, volcanoes, and tropical locations. We dance to the rhythms of calypso in the Caribbean or a marimba in the north, under the moonlight. All of this while staying in the best seasonal hotels. In addition to all of the above, we are able to express ourselves in Spanish.

The capacity for learning does not diminish with age; however, it is important to preserve the ability to memorize and acquire new knowledge. On this occasion, we invite you to travel for the pleasure of reinforcing and learning this language in a natural way, without pressure, exams, or stress.

Dear participants, some years ago, with great enthusiasm, I set out to find a Spanish language program for adults, and we have achieved it. When you arrive in Costa Rica, our commitment will be to make you feel comfortable. Our professionals will be with you throughout your stay. We sincerely thank you for your participation and extend a warm welcome. We have this program, and now we invite you to make it memorable.

Join us and experience it!