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Spanish Programs

The Aida Program

This program emphasizes language practice and Spanish conversation.

We will explore current topics, such as society, culture, leisure, and the contemporary life of Costa Ricans. Spanish allows you to travel through more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries and immerse yourself in the richness of their cinema, literature, music, and diverse gastronomy.

Teaching will be exam-free, relying on self-correction. Grammar topics will be applied in practice. These activities will be led by a professional. A modern way to learn a language easily and forever.

Recreational Courses!

Discover your passions with our recreational courses – dance, painting, singing, cooking, and more! Have fun while learning Spanish. Enroll today!


A form of communication that allows us to express ourselves differently through creativity, enabling us to disconnect from reality in a positive way. Art brings us feelings of relaxation and mental rest, while also stimulating our brain and memory.


To make the learning of Spanish more dynamic, we will add flavor and joy to life. Here, we will learn to prepare exotic dishes from our Costa Rica. By the end of the class, you will see how the language seamlessly integrates into your life naturally.


Music plays a vital role in the cognitive development of human beings. Learning songs in another language stimulates the left side of the brain, responsible for verbal memory. That’s why our program includes learning songs in the Spanish language, to enhance concentration and learning stimuli.


Dance is the expression of our innermost feelings in every moment of our lives. It stimulates memory and mental agility, improves body posture, expands our social circle, and generates feelings of happiness. From cumbia to vallenato, merengue to salsa, and more, dance opens up a world of rhythm and joy.

medical insurance

Participants must provide proof of medical insurance, which must be presented on the program’s start day.

in Costa Rica

We recommend homestay accommodations to all our participants.

This way, you will have the opportunity to get an idea of Costa Rican family life with its traditions and customs, where you can apply what you’ve learned and experience Spanish as an everyday language.

These families are carefully chosen by our staff dedicated to selecting the best homes for our students.

Homestay accommodations

Hotels, guesthouses, and apartments.

Around our headquarters, there is a wide selection of aparthotels and furnished apartments. We offer a service to organize your reservation.


For a quote, It will depend on the length of your stay.
Recommendation: From 2 to 3 weeks and beyond.


  1. Upon approval of your arrival to Costa Rica, you will receive a registration form.
  2. With the registration, you can make an advance payment of 20% of the total cost, and the remaining balance must be paid on the day of your arrival in CR.
  3. You must provide Medical Insurance, which must be presented on the program’s start day.


  1. 20 hours of Spanish classes per week.
  2. Accommodation in a host family’s home (if you choose another lodging option, please inform our staff).
  3. Teaching materials.
  4. All breakfasts.
  5. Snacks at the academy.
  6. Cultural and activity program.
  7. Transfers from your home or hotel to the class venue (including optional classes) and round trip to the airport.
  8. Transfers and accommodation during weekend excursions.
  9. One-day excursions within the capital (does not include meals at restaurants).
  10. Certificate of participation.