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Costa Rica awaits you

Discover the allure of the Spanish language. Embark on your journey today.

The Aída Programs method, created in 1986 by Aída Chaves, combines formal Spanish with recreational activities. Latin dances, healthy cooking classes, Spanish music, art, and more are included. The success lies in the flexibility it offers to participants to learn naturally.

The method is intensive and interesting, organized in small groups. Participants are assigned to an appropriate level. We have the latest pedagogical techniques for teaching a second language in a comfortable and friendly environment. Our teachers deliver classes in an entertaining and interesting manner.


Aída Chaves

Learn Spanish with Us

Welcome to our Spanish School! Our experienced teachers focus on conversational skills, allowing you to start speaking Spanish from day one. Join a community of learners from all over the world and experience the joy of speaking another language.

We believe in the transformative power of language and culture. Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality language instruction that empowers learners to pursue their personal and professional goals.

We are a team of experienced and passionate educators dedicated to helping our students succeed. We founded our academy with a strong passion for Spanish and a desire to share that passion with others.


Discover the incredible destinations of Costa Rica while learning Spanish. Immerse yourself in the beauty of its tropical beaches, explore lush jungles, and marvel at the unique biodiversity of this natural paradise. Our courses provide you with the opportunity to study Spanish while immersing yourself in the local culture and exploring stunning destinations such as the majestic Arenal, the serene Manuel Antonio, or the mystical Monteverde.

Experience an unforgettable journey in Costa Rica while improving your Spanish skills!

Fun-filled Leisure courses


Unleash your creativity in our painting course! Explore the world of colors and brush strokes while enhancing your Spanish skills. Join us for a fun and inspiring artistic journey. Enroll now!


Learn to prepare delicious dishes from Costa Rica and beyond while immersing yourself in the Spanish language. Join us for a culinary adventure and savor the joy of cooking and language learning.


Music is vital for cognitive development. Learning songs in another language stimulates the left brain, responsible for verbal memory. Our program includes Spanish songs to boost concentration and learning.


Dance expresses our feelings, stimulates memory, improves posture, expands social circles, and brings happiness. From cumbia to salsa, dance brings rhythm and joy.

Let’s embark on an exciting Spanish learning adventure in Costa Rica!

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you kickstart your Spanish journey in Costa Rica!